Heir of Fire – Sarah J. Maas

Reviews of Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass) – Sarah J. Maas

chase - Five Stars
a great series

silvia - Five Stars
a good storry

physiol08 - Five Stars
great book, couldn't put it down. Looking forward to the next book!!

Scuba girl - Five Stars
Love this series! I'm hooked!

Mackenzie Fischer - Five Stars
Couldn't put it down

Shh I'm trying to read! - Loved it
My goodness I can't say enough about this series! I love, love, love it keep them coming!!!

AB - Five Stars
Great Book!

smiller - Five Stars
Love, love, love!!!!!

School P. - Five Stars

tianaho - Five Stars

Tracy Burch - Five Stars
Great series!

Emily Benoy - Five Stars
It was Fantastic!

Nicole - Loved this book
Loved this book. It was definitely the best one in the series. I can't wait until #4 comes out.

Laura Chalmers - Five Stars
5 stars!

gamvix - Five Stars
Awesome book!

DawnMarie Stuehling - Five Stars
Couldn't put it down!!

Amazon Customer - Five Stars
Amazing books

rebecca hasmann - Five Stars

Crown of Midnight – Sarah J. Maas

Reviews of Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass) – Sarah J. Maas

anothermom - Great book in the page turning Throne of Glass series
great fantasy read! Completely kept my interest, kept me guessing, great developed characters

Emily - Loved it!!!
I loved it!! Love the characters! I want to find out what happens next! Can't wait for the next one!!

3minis - Five Stars
loved it

Gabrielle - A MUST READ
Awesome! I loved it. A real cliffhanger! I real loved this book I hope you will love it too! So awesome!

alex liberto - Amazing
What a beautiful book straight to the end I can't say enough about it you will not regret buying it

Amazon Customer - Five Stars
Very nice. Calaena has become my all time favourite heroes after the guild hunter. Great stuff.

Eli - Five Stars
Excellent book

Amazon Customer - Awesome!
I love this series! I can't wait until the next book comes out. You can't help but be drawn to Celeana.

Maria Cantres - Five Stars
I love this

hilary martin - Five Stars
Loves thi…

Queen of Shadows – Sarah J. Maas

Reviews of Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass) – Sarah J. Maas

Jacqui Thomson - Exquisite
This series has completely held my attention! Have not been able to put the books down and now have a six month wait for the next one!! Cannot wait to find out what happens next...

Jeannine Haxton - Everything I had hoped for...
I have enjoyed every book of this series. I love the journey Aelin took and how each character entertained with her life and they all changed. She isn't the always good and virtuous heroine. Yet she brings the world into balance and saves nations and honors her debts to friends and foes alike. Thanks for an amazing ride.

Deana - awesome
I love this series. It's so good, when I'm half way through the book I'm already mourning it bc it's going to end to soon. I can't wait for the next one. Expertly written and phenomenal protagonist.

Amazon Customer - Hands down the best installment of the series
Hands down the best installment of the series! This made …

Empire of Storms – Sarah J. Maas

Reviews of Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass) – Sarah J. Maas

Amazon Customer - Love it, I can't wait for the next book
Love it , I can't wait for the next book.

Murph01 - Wow!
This a terrific novel in an excellent series.
Alien is on a most complex quest: to find all of the wyrd keys so that she can capture the physical embodiment of a dark force that has been wreaking havoc and pain on her world. With many of the characters who supported her either dead or seriously wounded, she and her fae warrior set out to gather an army to defend the world against an evil being that thinks nothing of creating new creatures to fight her, as well as against covens witches who want to regain their long-lost kingdom.
The plot is dense and twisted (in a good way), as the story is narrated from multiple points of view. But Mass handles the plot lines masterfully. Even better than the plot, however, is the depth and complexity of these characters; they are stunningly rich and alive, and I have …

A Court of Wings and Ruin – Sarah J. Maas

Reviews of A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses) – Sarah J. Maas

Amazon Customer - Five Stars
Empowering and beautifully written.

Branden Benningfield - Feyre may be more of a romantic than Celena, but she is still every bit as badass.
Didn't think Sarah J. Maas would be able to top her Throne of Glass series, but this book definitely puts Court of Thorns and Roses series in the running. If you like fantasy, I highly recommend it. If you liked Throne of Glass, I highly recommend it. The only downside for fans of classic high fantasy is that this is much more entrenched in the romance aspects, but I thought it was done very well and didn't detract from the novel at all. As a guy, I was hesitant to read the first one, as the book description blurb didn't seem to appeal to me. But after "Court of Mist and Fury" and "Court of Wings and Ruin," I'm happy I gave the series a chance. I mostly read science fiction, modern fantasy and YA fan…

A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J. Maas

Reviews of A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses) – Sarah J. Maas

Kindle Customer - One of my all time favorite reads
These books are amazing, the kind that leave you thinking about them even after you are done reading. I went back and read the first book again just to see it from a new perspective. A great YA romance and action novel, but sexual content is not appropriate for pre-teen readers. Empowering message. Strong, REALLY well played out plot. I hope these are made into movies!!!

Alexis W - Amazing!!!
There are not enough word to describe how much i like her talented storytelling. This is a whole new world she has created. This story was hard to put down. Now that I have completed this book I can get some work done. Till next one

Sara Mckelvey Brown - Simply amazing
I don't know how these books just get better and better with each one, but they do! I am dying to get my hands on the next one! The writing is amazing and the story sucks you in first the very f…

A Court of Thorns and Roses - Sarah J. Maas

Reviews of A Court of Thorns and Roses - Sarah J. Maas

Stacie F - I love this book
I love this book

samantha - Five Stars

Alisa Boschma - Five Stars
Loved this book! Great characters, great story.

Pinot - Five Stars

Amazon Customer - Five Stars
Great story!! Can't wait for the next!!

Hannah - Five Stars
Great book.

M2G7B - Five Stars
Loved it.

Katie J - Another great one from Sarah J. Maas
Couldn't put it down-- loved the ending!

ashlee - Five Stars
Can't wait for the second book 😍

m.simms - AMAZING!
Amazing book! Absolutely worth buying!

~Pacific_NW~ - Loved this book!
Loved this book!

Elizabeth K. - Five Stars
Great book. I highly recommend!

Josie1 - Good book!
Good book, highly recommend!

Jessica M Cobb - Five Stars
So amazing.

Kindle Customer - Five Stars
Excellent read!! Love the story

Samantha - Five Stars

Lesley Walker - Wonder
Very good nicely surprised.

Valena Ramos - Five Stars
Really enjoyed it!

haylie redd - Five Stars
Loved it!

Linda Ann Shearer Aanderud - …